20 Hacks to Organise Your Kitchen

resources.gemmill - 20 Hacks to Organise Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most-used rooms in a house. From early morning until late in the afternoon, there’s always something going on in the central hub of the home. That, and the rush of the everyday routine, can make it hard to keep the kitchen as tidy as we wish it could be […]

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The Gemmill Homes Guide to Moving to Perth

guide to moving to perth

The capital of Western Australia has it all. With beautiful beaches, bustling nightlife, wine regions, scenic parks and shopping destinations, Perth is a city that is brimming with opportunity for those looking to settle down. So if you’re looking for a sea change, the allure of one of the most isolated cities in the world […]

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What Makes A Home Australian? A Guide To Australian Architecture and Innovation


Australia has had a vibrant architectural history, one which has seen the rise of iconic structures such as the Sydney Opera House and the new Parliament House. Australia is a large country, however, and the architecture has developed differently from one region to the next to account for weather and other conditions. Perhaps the most […]

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How to Create a Home Library in a Small Space


It’s one thing to digitise your movie and music collection, but there’s something so pleasant about acquiring books over the years. They may take up some space, but the beauty and wisdom of a good book collection is hard to pass up for a faceless tablet. Books provide pleasant and tangible entertainment, not to mention […]

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